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mommy & me

Specialized yoga classes


Classes start at 11:00 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday.? The class is 75 min long.?


Yoga Style

Each class focuses on a specific area – core, leg and pelvic health, shoulder and back strength.? Plenty of modifications are offered.? The pace considers the need of young children – that way you can take time to care for the baby and rejoin us at any moment.


We are located on the premises of Red Rocks Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs, CO

Address:: 3356 Templeton Gap Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Amenities: a/c, changing room, baby changing station, bathrooms.??

A yoga class for new moms

to support you in your transition into motherhood – even if it is not your first time.? The yoga class is meant to be available for you on a regular basis – come with your baby and enjoy a themed class.?

Pregnancy impacts our bodies differently, but it impacts us all – there is much that yoga can help with to rebuild the strength and structure of your body.

Summer schedule starts July 8! For this summer, classes are offered on a “Pay What You Want” basis!

I wanted to keep the classes small – there are 5 spots per class.? It is best to reserve your spot before you get out the door.??

A small class means more focus on you and your baby, your needs and questions.??


Summer Special!

During the summer months all Mommy & Me Yoga Classes are on “Pay What You Can” basis – don’t miss this great chance.

Wear your??most comfortable clothes, bring the baby along, and let’s focus on yoga for you!

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Yoga Doesn?t Have To Be


How I can Help

You will have a whole set of resource by attending yoga classes – sequences you can practice at home, new insights, a better understanding of what self-care might look for you in this new season.

Food Choices

What is the best nutrition for new moms? We’ll tackle these important issues during our classes.


A class centered around the needs of a new mom and baby.


How does self-care look for a new mom?

Weight Loss

Is it possible to get back to the pre-pregnancy weight?

About Nataliya

Professional Yoga Instructor

I am a RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) and a mom.? I want to reach all the new moms in Colorado Springs with a message that self-care is a necessity.? It might take a village to raise a child, but sometimes we have to create the village ourselves – by seeking out the type of support that fits us individually.

My Approach

I believe that yoga can help everyone but each body is different and requires a unique approach.? The practice should be structured to meet your personal goals.?

My Process

As soon as you sign up, you will receive a questionnaire to help highlight the areas of practice that are important for you.??

Unique Framework

Each class is structured around a theme that will allow you to focus and add new tools of self-care after each practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How long are the classes?

75 minutes long.? You are welcome to step out, take care of the baby, step right back in and rejoin – I completely understand the many needs of a new mom. Make this time work for your baby and you.

Are there special asanas for the baby?

Not really.? The class is meant for you to focus on yoga with the baby next to you.? Having said that, we will be going over examples of how moms can incorporate babies into their own yoga practice.

what ages of kids are allowed?

This class will be best suited for babies over 6 weeks old until the baby is walking.? Frankly, it all depends on your baby.? If they enjoy the atmosphere and let you practice, you will be able to make the most of this class.?

How much do classes cost?

During the summer months this class is “Pay What You Want”.? There is truly no ‘suggested price’ – you will be able to pay the desired amount with a credit card or cash.

what type of payments do you accept?

I accept credit cards, cash, and paypal.? You can pay before the class begins.? You can cover one class or buy a package on location.?

can other members of the family or caretakers attend

This class will best serve a new mother with her baby.? I am looking at offering more classes, so let me know if there is a class that might serve your needs better.?

Get Yoging!

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